Subura Live at the Playa Del Fishermen Beach Club by Sebastian Subura.

Not to be outdone, Sebastian returns with a live set from the Playa Del Fishermen Beach Club.

“I didn’t want this set to be all new or all older tracks. I wanted it to be a good mix of music from the recent past, infused with some fairly up-to-date stuff”

We certainly think that has been achieved.

We love the inclusion of Navar’s brooding monster ‘Exposeur’ and Eli Nissan’s melodic gem ‘Insanity’. And we are very happy to see the incredible Hermanez remix of the Khen classic ‘Carolina’.

We’ve had it on repeat in the Subura loft for the past couple of days & we hope you like it too.

Subura Live at the Playa Del Fishermen Beach Club features:

Nick Varon, Navar, Monolink, Oliver Koletzki, Nicone, GMZ, Tripswitch, Jonas Saalbach, Quivver, Kiasmos, Bonobo, Eli Nissan, Edu Imbernon, Khen, Hermanez, Guy J, Rafael Cerato & Lusine.

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Subura Recordings. London. 3rd of August 2018.

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