Subura XV by Sebastian Subura.

Subura XV brings together some of our favourite artists and tracks from the past year or so.

It is an unashamed showcase of three of the hottest labels around right now; Diynamic, Fryhide and Lost & Found.

XV contains two definite ‘track of the year’ contenders in Karmon’s ‘Brutus Jam’ and Guy J’s ‘Airborne’ as well as the most beautiful remix we’ve heard in a long time..

Tim Engelhardt’s ‘Eyes Closed’ features the haunting vocals of Forrest and is expertly remixed by the one and only Tim Green.

Subura XV:

Lehar & Musumeci, Karmon, Fideles, Undercatt, Tim Engelhardt, Tone Depth, Tim Green, Khen, Guy J, Saints & Sinners, Christoph, Guy Mantzur, Forrest, Brian Cid & Lee Van Dowski.

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Subura Recordings. London. 19th of May 2018.

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